Single platform to track, monitor, and manage your vehicles, assets, fuel, expenses and more.

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking for Namibia 🇳🇦

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking for Namibia

Our Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking for Namibia offers a One-Stop Fleet Management Software Solution. Track Your Fuel, Manage Expenses, and Setup Maintenance Schedules...

Fleet Lock

Our fleet management solutions allow you to turn on vehicle lock from PETKECH fleet vehicle tracking app and be assured that the vehicle in your fleet won’t start without your consent.

Live Alerts

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit points, monitor idling in real time, etc. and get vehicle services and maintenance alerts.

Fleet Health

Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of all the vehicles in your fleet so that you can worry less about your fleet’s well-being and concentrate more on expanding your business.

Control Fleet Operations

Manage every crucial aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Keep a tab on your drivers’ vehicle assignments and locations at any time.

Manage Fleet’s Fuel Cost

Our commercial GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce a good amount of your fuel expenses. Track the behaviour of your driver, reduce excessive idling time and save big on fuel cost.

Much more than Telematics

Monitor All Your Assets

Simplify the way your assets move and perform from a single dashboard. Go beyond basic track-and-trace with a power-packed combination of vehicle tracking, performance scorecards, insightful reports, and real-time alerts.

Safety backed by technology

Protect Your Vehicles and Cargo

Keep your vehicles, cargo, and drivers safe with the power of AI and IoT. Combine advanced video telematics, state-of-the-art sensors, remote immobilsation, and SOS alerts to be your own fleet safety officer.

Powering positive business impact

Enhance Your Fuel Economy

Lower fuel costs and optimise your operations with powerful sensors. Utilise rich analytics, fuel efficiency reports, instant refuelling and drainage alerts, and increase fuel efficiency.

Performance on a new level

Manage Your Drivers and Their Potential

Gain real-time visibility into driver behaviour and productivity. Leverage ADAS, DMS, gamified scorecards, geofencing, trip management, and our mobile task manager to improve driver retention and performance.

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Single Platform to run all your Fleet Operations.