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Track Your Fleet Anytime, Anywhere

Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet, PEKTECH GPS fleet management software is determined to monitor & protect your asset from theft or harm.

Fleet Lock

Our fleet management solutions allow you to turn on vehicle lock from PETKECH fleet vehicle tracking app and be assured that the vehicle in your fleet won’t start without your consent.

Live Alerts

Get live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit points, monitor idling in real time, etc. and get vehicle services and maintenance alerts.

Fleet Health

Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of all the vehicles in your fleet so that you can worry less about your fleet’s well-being and concentrate more on expanding your business.

Control Fleet Operations

Manage every crucial aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Keep a tab on your drivers’ vehicle assignments and locations at any time.

Manage Fleet’s Fuel Cost

Our commercial GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce a good amount of your fuel expenses. Track the behaviour of your driver, reduce excessive idling time and save big on fuel cost.

Fleet Management System For Different Aspects of Your Business

With a fleet management software, you can catapult the potential of your business to great heights. Any fleet owner would like to save money on their daily operations cost and use that money in expanding their business. The good news is that advanced fleet management services can help a fleet owner to save money by maximizing the efficiency of their equipment, thereby increasing the productivity of their fleet.

Decision making has never been so easy! No more sifting through statistics-dense documents, because the easy-to-use charts do the sorting for you. And with PEKTECH fleet management system, you can manage your assets, fuel and employees.

Fuel Management

With our comprehensive dashboard, you can now analyze your fleet trends and optimize fleet utility. Learn about fuel costs, pinpoint problem areas and get conclusive reports on fuel performance with PEKTECH fleet management system. Along with that, you can also be a step ahead from unwarranted fuel theft and streamline vehicle allocation accordingly.

Employee Management

Tracking the performance and productive output of your employees in a transparent and efficient manner has never been easier with PEKTECH fleet management software. Keep a pulse on every movement of your crew on the road with important consignment. You can keep a check on whether delivery schedules are being met, or if your cargo is moving in directions it is supposed to go.

Asset Management

By employing PEKTECH fleet management software, you can keep a check on your fleet inventory, history, and status. Stay on top of your drivers’ time-sheets and important dates. Give your staff access to real-time information to keep the fleet running smoothly. Turn your business into a more data driven enterprise and know the true cost of your fleet management.

Increase Productivity With Fleet Management Device

GPS fleet tracking in Namibia could be one of the most important factors to decide the productivity of daily fleet operations. This category is known as telematics solutions and PETKECH best GPS fleet tracking device can help you gauge maintenance, reduce idling time, improve your tracking and routing, downsize your fleet, improve employee efficiency and monitor safety. You will know how many hours your vehicles run and get real-time insights into engine hour data to optimize preventive maintenance schedules.

Fleet Management Software Gives You Access to Accurate Data

As a fleet operations manager, data and analytics are important sources of information to track your fleet business. This information helps you to:

  • Stay informed about the condition of your fleet
  • Make informed decisions with actionable information
  • Ensure that all the reports are accurate
  • Reduce unnecessary costs by eliminating human errors

Any GPS fleet management software in Namibia that’s worth its salt is going to provide fleet owners with data. However, some systems will provide them with too much data, forcing them to spend their valuable time sorting through unnecessary information just to get the snippets they actually need. Having a software that can provide fleet owners with easy access to the right kinds of data, as well as provide them with quality customer support they would expect, is a win-win for any fleet management professional. With the aid of this functionality, fleet operators can have access to data related to whether their fuel is being used most effectively, if their drivers are demonstrating efficient driving behaviours, and how much wasteful engine idle time is experienced by their equipment.

Save Money With The Best GPS Fleet Management System

Any fleet owner would like to save money on their daily operations cost and use that money in expanding their business. The good news is that advanced fleet management system in Namibia can help a fleet owner save money by maximizing the efficiency of their equipment, thereby increasing the productivity of their fleet. This can be done through the use of a robust system which can assess the health and performance of vehicles and equipment. This data helps a fleet owner to know the following:

  • How often their vehicles are in use
  • When their vehicles are performing optimally or are experiencing technical issues
  • Whether their assets are up on their regular maintenance
  • When their vehicles are in need of repair

The costs incurred by missed servicing appointments, fuel wastage and inefficient handling of vehicles can amount to a lot for any business. With our tracking and fleet management system, you can stay assured that the money you invest in your business is being spent wisely.

GPS Fleet Monitoring Made Easy

Our fleet monitoring system allows you to meet your delivery deadlines, and strengthen your customer base. You can digitize your business operations and see optimum growth with our services. We help you streamline your fleet operations in an effective fashion. Stay updated with the real-time location of your fleet and build a transparent communication channel with your crew on the road. You can change the face of Namibia’s transportation sector by investing in PEKTECH Fleet GPS Monitoring.

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