Integrated Driver App for Namibia

Our Integrated Driver App for Namibia facilitates better communication between the Driver and the Fleet Manager. Fleet managers can Assign Trips and Tasks to Drivers.

Local is Lekker
Integrated Driver App for Namibia

Product Capabilities

Integrated Driver App for Namibia

Fleet Manager can define tasks/activity at checkpoints, details of the task can be added along with order/item details which will be visible to the driver/user of the app. e.g. pick up order, etc.

Electronic Proof of Signature

Driver/app user can add images/ signature as proof of delivery/ task completion- attachments Primary use case added by the driver will be visible to the fleet manager e.g. upload photos of delivered food items.

Navigation & Trip Management

Provides the option to the driver to use navigation & provides driver a visibility of the entire trip - Primary use case source, location checkpoints, destination.

SOS Alert

SOS Enables driver to send SOS alerts to the fleet managers.

Location Tracking

Enables live location tracking of the driver through GPS capabilities of the mobile device.

Driving Behaviour

Creates driving behavior alerts & passes the same to the fleet manager & driver.